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Welcome to GMT, your trusted partner for buying and selling gold in Geneva and other precious metals. Whether you're an amateur or a seasoned investor, discover the exceptional opportunities we have to offer.

Why choose GMT for your investment in gold and other precious metals?

Buying gold in Geneva: Low prices and VAT exemption

In many countries, the purchase of gold is subject to VAT, which is not the case when buying gold in Switzerland, particularly in Geneva. GMT offers attractive prices for buying gold in Geneva, which benefits from VAT exemption, making it one of the most attractive destinations for precious metals enthusiasts.

Over the past thirty years, the value of gold has shown a solid upward trend, as the figures below demonstrate:

Buying gold in Geneva: Accurate daily prices

At GMT, we closely monitor the daily price of gold and precious metals. This means you always benefit from a fair and competitive purchase price for every ounce of gold, whether coin or bullion.

Buying gold in Geneva: Discretion and full confidence

Your confidentiality is our priority. GMT provides a discreet and confidential service every step of the way, whether you decide to buy or sell precious metals, by bank transfer or in cash.

Gold Sales and Other Services

Whether you want to sell gold for cash or by bank transfer, GMT makes the process easy. In addition to selling and/or buying gold, you can also take advantage of our other services, such as international money transfer or currency exchange.

Swiss Quality Gold Ingots and Coins

If you're an investor, you know the importance of quality. At GMT, we offer only the highest quality gold coins and bars, ensuring exceptional value and purity with every purchase.

Invest and sell with complete peace of mind

Buying and selling gold may seem complex, but with GMT it's simple and transparent. We answer all your questions on how to buy or sell gold, ensuring that every transaction is carried out with complete confidence and transparency.

Accessible Investment

Investing in gold doesn't require a fortune. With an initial budget of 50 Swiss francs, you can begin your adventure. Whether you're planning to buy a Napoleon coin for around 300 Swiss francs, or are looking to invest more, the opportunities are vast at GMT, with options to suit every budget.

Gold: A Precious Gift

Gold is not just for personal investment. It's also an exceptional gift. Whether to celebrate a birthday, wedding or birth, giving a gold coin or small ingot is a timeless and precious gesture. Giving gold coins or bars isn't just a gift, it's an investment in your loved ones' future. These shiny treasures can be cherished and preserved over time.

Buy gold in Geneva - Value my gold :

At GMT, we understand the importance of a fair and accurate appraisal of your gold. With our services, estimate the value of your gold by visiting one of our branches directly to assess the value of your coins, bullion or any other precious metals you wish to sell. Get a fast, accurate and reliable estimate of the value of your gold, enabling you to make informed and promising decisions about your investment.

Buy Gold in Geneva: Turn your Precious Metals into Cash

If you're looking to sell your precious metals quickly, our gold buy-back service is the ideal solution. We offer competitive rates for the purchase of gold in Geneva and all your precious metals, whether gold coins or bars. Convert your assets into cash with GMT.

Geneva Gold Sales: Simplify Your Gold Sales Experience with GMT

All you have to do is come to one of our branches with your gold bars or coins. Our experienced agent will quickly assess the quality and quantity of your gold, and provide you with a fair and transparent estimate of its value. If you're satisfied with the offer we present, we'll make the cash payment instantly. No delays, no hassles. You walk away with hard cash.

Gold buying in Geneva: Grams of gold and gold bars - Discover our selection

At GMT, we offer a wide range of pure gold products, from a few grams of gold to gold bars of various sizes. Explore our exceptional selection of products, guaranteeing the quality and purity you expect from GMT. Whether you're a collector or an investor, find the perfect product with us.

Conclusion: Invest with confidence in GMT

When you choose GMT as your gold and precious metals investment partner, you're choosing trust, integrity and expertise. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, total discretion, numismatic expertise and exceptional product selection make us the ideal choice for your investment needs. Start your investment journey with GMT today and discover a world of exciting and lucrative opportunities in the world of precious metals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying and Selling Gold in Geneva

Why invest in physical gold?

Investing in physical gold can be an attractive investment strategy for a number of reasons.

Preserving wealth

Gold has been used as a store of value for thousands of years. It tends to maintain its value over the long term, even when currencies or stock markets can be volatile. It's a great investment for reducing the effects of inflation.

Portfolio diversification

Physical gold can help diversify your investment portfolio. Where stocks and bonds can be influenced by different economic factors, gold tends to have an inverse correlation with traditional assets, meaning it can perform differently in an economic crisis.

No counterparty risk

Unlike some financial investments, physical gold does not depend on a third party for its validity. You own the tangible asset, which means there's no risk of a financial institution going bankrupt.

Protection en cas de crise

In times of economic crisis, gold can serve as a safe haven for investors: the price of gold tends to rise when markets weaken or confidence in currencies declines.

As a potential investor or seller of gold in Geneva, you may have many questions about buying gold, selling gold, gold bullion, gold bars and gold coins. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we come across:

  • How can I sell gold with confidence in Geneva?

    Trust is essential when it comes to selling gold. At GMT, we provide a transparent and secure process for our customers. Our team of experts is there to answer your questions and guide you through the transaction, providing you with a reliable gold-selling experience.
  • How do I buy gold in Geneva?

    When considering buying gold in Geneva, it's important to understand the steps involved.
  • What's the difference between gold bullion and gold coins in investment terms?

    Understanding the distinctions between gold bars and gold coins is essential when considering an investment. Bullion is generally rectangular in shape and is valued primarily for its weight in pure gold. Gold coins, on the other hand, have a so-called numismatic value. In other words, they are coveted by collectors for their rarity, high demand or the quality of their preservation over time. Their value also lies in their gold content.
  • Can I buy gold in small quantities, like a gram of gold?

    Yes, at GMT you can buy gold in small quantities, including grams of gold. This makes investing in gold accessible to more people. We offer a rich and varied range of gold products to meet your needs, whether you wish to buy small or large quantities.