Currency Exchange in Geneva with GMT Change: Your Reliable Partner for Currency Transactions

Welcome to GMT Change, your trusted partner for 25 years for all your currency exchange needs in Geneva, Switzerland. Whether you're a tourist, a cross-border commuter or anyone else who needs to exchange foreign currencies, we offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective currency exchange service. With two branches located right in the center of Geneva, we're within easy reach of all your currency exchange needs.

Why choose GMT Change?

At GMT CHANGE, we understand the importance of getting the best exchange rates and minimizing any ancillary exchange commissions. That's why we offer competitive rates for all major currencies, including dollars, euros, sterling, dinar, yen, pesos and more. We pride ourselves on providing a transparent, commission-free service. Yes, you read that right, at gmt change the exchange commissions are zero.

Advantageous currency exchange : At GMT Change, we understand the importance of every Swiss franc (CHF), every euro (EUR) and every US dollar (USD). That's why we offer competitive exchange rates for all the world's major currencies, including the Canadian dollar (CAD), the British pound (GBP) and the Japanese yen (JPY). Our commitment to providing advantageous rates makes GMT an excellent choice for your currency exchange needs.

No exchange commission: At GMT, we're committed to transparency, which is why we don't charge you more than the amount you wish to exchange. So there are no surprises and no hidden fees when you trade with us.

Exceptional customer service :Our dedicated team will answer all your questions and provide personalized support at every stage of the currency exchange process. Whether you need Chinese yuan (CNY), Russian rubles (RUB) or Australian dollars (AUD), we're here to guide you.

New service for your convenience: Fix & Collect: With you'll find THE BEST RATE, WITHOUT STRESS! Consult our exchange rates in real time, convert the desired currency using the calculator and fix the rate remotely. Select the branch that suits you best to collect your money. Your preferential rate is preserved for 3 hours from the moment you fixthe rate online.

Services We Offer

  • Fast and Efficient Currency ExchangeWhether you need to convert Euros into Dollars, Swiss Francs into Pounds Sterling or any other foreign currency, our experienced and professional team is here to help. We understand the importance of fast, efficient transactions, and their added value, especially for travellers and cross-border workers.
  • Real Time Exchange Rate CalculatorOur online currency converter regularly updates exchange rates so that you can always benefit from the real-time rate. It allows you to calculate the instant conversion of amounts in the currencies of your choice. Try our currency converter now and discover our advantageous rates.
  • Best rates on the marketAt GMT Change, we are committed to offering you the best and most competitive exchange rates on the market. We constantly monitor market exchange rates and adjust our own to ensure you benefit from the most advantageous rates in Geneva. With our competitive rates, you save on every transaction.
  • Variety of currencies :Whether you need US dollars, euros, pounds sterling or any other currency, GMT Change can meet your needs. We handle a wide range of foreign currencies, including Polish zloty (PLN), Danish krone (DKK) and Moroccan dirham (MAD), to meet your specific requirements. If you require other currencies, including exotic ones, simply contact us 24 hours in advance.
  • Fix & Collect :Consult our exchange rates in real time, convert the desired currency using the calculator and fix the rate remotely. Select the branch that suits you best to collect your money. Your preferential rate is preserved for 3 hours from the moment you fix the rate online. Creating an account with simplifies your future transactions. Your online profile allows you to manage your transactions with a single click, offering a smooth and fast process. Don't miss a single opportunity. You can also receive instant alerts on market fluctuations and special promotions,

Who are our services for?

Our currency exchange services are designed to meet the needs of a variety of customers, including :

  • Tourists :Explore Geneva with peace of mind, knowing you'll benefit from attractive exchange rates for your stay. For your trips abroad, we can also provide you with currencies such as New Zealand dollars (NZD) or Thai bahts (THB), for example. For all other currencies, please contact us at least 24 hours before departure so that we can carry out your request.
  • Cross-border commuters:Save money by exchanging currencies at attractive rates with GMT Change.As a cross-border commuter working in Switzerland, you receive your salary in Swiss francs (CHF). GMT enables you to convert your income into euros (EUR) for your daily expenses. 

Our locations

Our branches are strategically located in the center of Geneva. You'll find one of our branches in the heart of downtown Rive, and the second close to the Cornavin train station. Our exchange offices are easily accessible by public transport, providing a reliable and secure environment for your currency transactions. Join us and discover why GMT Change is the preferred choice of many customers in Geneva.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At GMT Change, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our services. We understand that currency exchange needs vary from person to person, which is why we offer customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure a smooth, seamless and unequivocal currency exchange experience...

Advanced Technology, Personalized Service

We combine technology with personalized service to offer you an exceptional currency exchange experience. Our online platform allows you to monitor exchange rates in real time, while our team of experts is always ready to help, to facilitate complex transactions.

Security and trust

The security of your transactions is our top priority. At GMT Change, we use advanced security protocols to ensure the protection of your personal and financial information. Trust our reputable bureau de change for safe and reliable transactions.

Start Your Currency Exchange Journey with GMT Change

Whether you're a tourist visiting Geneva, a cross-border worker or a company involved in international transactions, GMT Change is the solution for all your currency exchange needs. Take advantage of our competitive rates, exceptional customer service and commitment to integrity and transparency.

Opt for GMT Change and save on every transaction thanks to the absence of exchange commissions. Change with confidence, change with GMT Change. Join us today and discover the difference GMT Change can make to your currency transactions.

Change your money with confidence, change it with GMT Change - Your Reliable Partner for Money Transactions in Geneva

Forex, Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrency Explained for Beginners

Forex, or the foreign exchange market, is a financial universe where traders exchange foreign currencies for profit. In this market, participants can buy, sell, trade and speculate on the world's currencies. The main objective is to take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates to make a profit. For example, a trader may buy a currency at a low price and sell it at a higher price when its value rises. This activity can also involve crypto-currencies, which are digital currencies traded on online platforms. It's essential for beginners to understand key terms such as 'forex', 'foreign exchange', 'foreign currency' and 'crypto', as well as learning basic strategies for success in this dynamic and exciting field.

Forex (foreign exchange market): The term 'Forex' is an abbreviation of 'foreign exchange'. It is the global market where currencies are traded against each other at variable exchange rates. Forex traders speculate on fluctuations in these exchange rates to make a profit.

Foreign exchange market : The foreign exchange market is the virtual place where currency exchanges take place. It is decentralized, which means it has no specific physical location. Transactions take place electronically, enabling traders from all over the world to participate.

Foreign currency : In the Forex context, a foreign currency is a currency that belongs to a country other than the one in which the trader resides. For example, if a trader based in France exchanges euros (EUR) for US dollars (USD), the USD is considered a foreign currency for the French trader.

Crypto (Crypto-currency): Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies based on blockchain technology. Although Bitcoin is the best-known, there are many other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. These currencies are also traded on platforms similar to Forex, offering traders the opportunity to speculate on their fluctuations in value

Understanding these concepts is essential for beginners, as it enables them to grasp how the Forex market works and make informed decisions when trading foreign currencies or cryptocurrencies.