Send and receive money with Moneygram

Your international money transfer solution is now simpler than ever with our MoneyGram service.

We understand the importance of fast, reliable money transfers, which is why we're delighted to offer you the ease and peace of mind you deserve.

Our two GMT branches in Geneva offer you this convenient and secure solution.

Sending or receiving money with MoneyGram is a quick and easy process, in just a few simple steps.

How does it work?

  • Visit our branch: Visit one of our 2 branches at Rue Rousseau 30 or Cours de Rive 4 in Geneva to initiate your money transfer with MoneyGram or to receive funds sent to you through this service.
  • Fill in the required details:
    1. If you wish to send money, please identify yourself with a valid form of identification and provide the counter clerk with the information required for the transfer, the destination country and the currency for payment, including the full name of the beneficiary. Then choose the destination currency. Bear in mind that transfer fees apply, varying according to the amount and destination. You pay your transaction in CHF at the counter and receive a receipt containing the transaction details.
    2. If you are receiving funds that have been sent to you, please identify yourself with a valid piece of identification and provide the teller with the transaction code that the sender of the funds has already sent to you. If you don't have a transaction code, then tell the teller the amount you need to receive, along with the exact name of the sender and the country from which the funds were sent.
  • Track your transfer: Stay informed every step of the way with MoneyGram's real-time tracking.

Why send MoneyGram money transfer services?

At GMT, your satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to making your money transfers as simple and secure as possible. Trust our expertise and our partnership with MoneyGram to meet all your money transfer needs.

In Switzerland, MoneyGram remains the preferred choice for international money transfers to destinations in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Whether you're supporting loved ones in Senegal, Kosovo or Thailand while living in Switzerland, MoneyGram offers an efficient platform for these transfers. With its ease of use, competitive exchange rates and worldwide availability, MoneyGram enables Swiss users to manage their international money transfers with complete confidence.

Trust our GMT agency in Switzerland for safe and efficient money transfers with MoneyGram.